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Dropshipping is a popular way of doing business among online shop owners. Its popularity is due to a number of factors: there is no need to purchase goods, store them in a warehouse and organise delivery. This is all done by the dropshippers' partners - suppliers and manufacturers.
Does a dropshipper need a CRM?
Today on the Selpway Trading blog we're going to talk about seven metrics that everyone working in e-commerce should be tracking. These are essential for you to understand how your business is performing. It's often the case that entrepreneurs, especially start-ups, don't keep track of their shop stats. They build a marketing strategy based on subjective feelings. This is wrong.
Important metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of an online shop
With this article we start a series of texts dedicated to advising entrepreneurs who are about to take their first steps in e-commerce and dropshipping in particular. In the first part, Selpway Trading specialists told you about the types of online shops, their advantages and disadvantages. Today we are going to talk about niche shops.
Tips for aspiring dropshippers. Niche shop
Guerrilla marketing is the promotion of a product in a non-standard, creative way with minimal financial outlay. The term "guerrilla marketing" was introduced in 1984 by US marketer Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the book "Guerrilla Marketing". He described the principles of maximising the impact of low-cost advertising.
Guerrilla marketing: a low-cost method of advertising and promotion
You've decided to try dropshipping. What's the next step? One of the first steps is to determine the type of your future shop. In the previous articles of the Selpway Trading blog, we talked in detail about the niche shop and the one-product shop. Now it is the turn of the general shop.

Such a shop usually offers a wide range of products. They belong to different niches. For example, a visitor might find household goods, electronics, clothing, car products, swimwear and so on.
Tips for aspiring dropshippers. General business
"Don't call! Write." This is an increasingly common refrain from customers. Let's find out if it is possible to sell effectively without any communication by phone or in person. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs may say that it is impossible, while others believe that it is the best way to communicate with consumers.
Don't call, write. How to sell effectively through correspondence
Feedback is more than a marketing tool. It is a working philosophy that puts customer feedback at the heart of your business strategy. Customers will always tell you what needs to be improved in your product or service and how your product is inferior to others. You should not ignore their opinions, even if they are unpleasant. Ignoring comments can lead to the collapse of your business.

An unhappy customer who tells you what they don't like is not an enemy, but your helper. It is a person who gives you the opportunity to grow. Learn to see an unsatisfied customer as your best friend.
How to use feedback to improve product quality
A domain (domain name) is the address of a website on the global Internet. Thanks to it, the user can go to the site or find it in search engines. Choosing a domain for an online shop is a very important stage. The recognition of your shop by the users of the World Wide Web depends on the domain name. Today, together with specialists from Selpway Trading ltd, we have learned how to choose a domain for an online shop.
How to choose a domain for an online shop
Selpway Trading specialists told us about types and categories of goods and their peculiarities. The success of your business in sales, including e-commerce, depends largely on how much you know about these issues. If you only deal in goods, you need to understand which products are the most popular and profitable options.

Whether you are just starting out or scaling up, you may need help and advice. Which way to go, which products to choose, how to promote them - these and other questions can be answered by contacting the Selpway Trading team.
E-commerce. Types and categories of goods
What is dropshipping? It's a commodity business model where you sell products from different brands, but you don't stock them or worry about shipping them. The suppliers themselves ship the goods to the end customer on your behalf. Dropshipping is good because it gives you the opportunity to organise your business on a tight budget. In the beginning, you only need to spend money on creating a quality online shop website and advertising.
Promising and challenging niches for starting a dropshipping business
You have become an entrepreneur, invested a lot of effort and money in your business and it has started to work steadily. It is logical that you will want to make more profit. You can try to increase the volume of sales by improving the work of managers, but this cannot go on indefinitely. In order to expand your business, you need qualitative changes, not quantitative ones. For example, finding a new way of attracting customers, developing a new market, etc.

Reaching a new level is impossible without careful forecasting and planning. Selpway Trading ltd talked about forecasting in the previous article of our blog. Today we will talk about one of the planning options.
Business Development Planning
Forecasting is the most complex activity in the marketing research system. Its results are used by the company to plan its activities. However, companies often work according to the reaction model rather than the anticipation model: that is, the event has already happened, and only then has the company reacted to it. There is little good in that. The essence of foresight is to be able to prevent negative consequences and anticipate development opportunities. Therefore, you should not react, but analyse, identify trends and make predictions.
Marketing forecasting is an integral part of a successful business

Modern digital technologies have become an integral part of almost every sector of the economy. In particular, they are actively used in agriculture.

What "smart" technologies are being used:
  • Navigation systems, remote sensing and geographic information systems;
  • Programmable field devices, sensors, agricultural robots, drones for field monitoring and harvesting;
  • AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) platform to monitor and analyze information received from sensors, machines and other devices; to predict yields based on climate data; to analyze the efficiency of machinery use, etc.
  • Digitalization of the sales process: monitoring the entire chain from the farmer to the table; analysis of the market situation, etc.
Digital transformation in agriculture
Business is where people are. Real and virtual. Websites, platforms, online stores are offering their goods and services at a breakneck pace. After the Internet entered every home with its unlimited possibilities, the online world has become a place of transactions and sales.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Wechat, Reddit... Social media is now a part of our lives, a time killer, entertainment and a colorful showcase. Online merchants, dropshippers and any seller promote their products, create videos, promote reviews. Customer attention has become the currency and the metric. The foundation of successful social media selling is the ability to manage attention.
Features of sales in social networks
Searching for and buying goods on the Internet has already become a familiar activity. People like anything that is convenient and easy. Traditional trips to the store are tiring for some, but for others they remain a part of relaxation. When we need to buy something urgently, here and now, we pull out our mobile phones and place an order. As the dropshipping market continues to grow rapidly, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 32% from 2021 to 2026, it's time to start thinking about your own online business.

Dropshipping is often underestimated and confused with the mundane resale of popular products with a small markup. This is far from being the case. Dropshipping can be a great start for a new business or a good addition to an existing one.
How and how much do dropshippers make?
Change has long been the only stable phenomenon in our lives. This is also true for e-commerce, which has been taking a tangible share of retail sales around the world for a number of years now.

Over the last twelve months, user behaviour online has changed dramatically and evolved in the most unexpected ways. The new Digital 2023 Global Report demonstrates this. In numbers, it is easier to present the changes in global online trends.

Digital 2023: A world of digital technology. A new report

The sad news is that while we're spending money on attracting new customers, old ones are leaving. Business processes and budgets are set based on data on customer behavior. But how do we understand the customer? How do you offer them what they want without getting it wrong?
And don't forget that the main thing in customer retention is quality product and service. If you don't like the product, you won't get repeat sales.
Accurate predictive analysis allows you to develop effective marketing strategies. In order to ‘recognize’ and understand customer behavior, the first thing to do is to segment your customer base and divide it into 7 types of customers.
7 types of customers. Effective marketing strategies
The eleventh annual report by The 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2030 - The Everyspace Plaza of Ericsson's ConsumerLab research unit focused on ten trends that will gain popularity by 2030.
The report also included data on the future of shopping. The popularity of shopping will be those stores that will be based on a combination of technologies using a network of objects in the physical world. This hybrid space has become multifunctional and is called Everyspace Plaza.
Ericsson ConsumerLab presented its version of the 10 consumer trends of 2030
The latest reports and forecasts suggest the global social commerce industry will grow three times faster than traditional e-commerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025, up from 492 billion in 2021.
The growth of social shopping will largely depend on millennials and Generation Z. They will account for 62% of total social commerce spending by 2025. About 2 billion social shoppers, more than 60% of social media users said they had shopped on social media in the past 12 months.
Social commerce will grow 3 times faster than e-commerce
YouGov conducted a survey of social consumers. The results showed that food creators are the most popular. More than two-fifths of adults around the world follow and follow influencers on social media.
According to adults, the percentage of subscriptions to influencers differs in different countries. India 71%, Indonesia 73%, United Arab Emirates 75%. However, there are countries with less than a third of adults who subscribe to opinion leaders. France 30%, the US 29%, Denmark 27%, Germany 25% and the UK 22%.
43% of people around the world follow advice from influencers
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