The future of the planet. Nature and humanity need action today
Responsibility for nature
The success of business is directly linked to human life, public health and economic stability. These in turn cannot exist without nature and its resources. Nowadays, environmental problems are gaining more and more publicity and are becoming a more and more serious aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, most of them are so complex and serious that we are forced to think about how to preserve our world and nature, on a planetary scale. Preservation of the environment has become a matter of survival and the future of humanity. It is necessary already today to change our habitual way of life and think about what we will leave to our children and the next generations.
Global warming, disposal of hazardous waste, disappearing animal species, plastic in nature, lithium ion batteries, the problem of deforestation, water and air pollution cannot be solved alone. The mining industry is also causing huge damage to the environment. A government, corporation or company alone cannot deal with threats of this magnitude. It is necessary to act together. It is only from the efforts of each individual, each of us can control some aspects.
The production of goods out of recycled materials allows companies to use less energy than if they did not do the same and use primary resources or raw materials. In order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, it is important to incinerate as little waste as possible. By removing organic waste from common landfills, methane emissions can be reduced and groundwater pollution can be reduced.
Another source of heavy pollution, are lithium ion batteries. Today's commercial batteries contain aluminum, copper, transition material phosphates, graphite, organic electrolytes, lithium salts and many other polluting chemicals.
By sorting waste for recycling, reducing the amount of waste, everyone makes a meaningful contribution.
Recycling reduces the amount of new materials that need to be produced. This cleans the environment from being contaminated by new waste. This way of greening is gaining momentum in many progressive countries.
Toxic metals such as cadmium and nickel found in batteries are dangerous carcinogens for humans, according to the Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Agency. The recycling and reuse of lithium-ion batteries is attracting increasing attention from businesses and researchers.
The textile and clothing industry use organic cotton, recycled fabrics and even plastic bottles as a source of raw materials.
Many manufacturers are switching to eco-friendly production and using more and more recycled resources in the final product process.
To preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, Selpway invests in projects to recover and save natural resources and builds its business by recycling and conserving resources. We believe that without a digital business transformation, a green enterprise is out of the question.
You can't use outdated technology and methods to automate management processes to achieve today's goals. You have to think more globally. Only by benefiting the world around us can you achieve a fundamentally new result and achieve your goals.
The unique programmes and algorithms of Selpway allow you to focus on niche areas such as energy savings, recycling, green products, and "green living" - in the home and workplace.
Embrace today's reality and start taking action with us, for common goals that will bring you new, quality results.
We must stop the destruction of our planet's ecology. Together we can leave a good memory to our children by correcting the mistakes of previous generations.
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