E-commerce. Types and categories of goods

Selpway Trading specialists told us about types and categories of goods and their peculiarities. The success of your business in sales, including e-commerce, depends largely on how much you know about these issues. If you only deal in goods, you need to understand which products are the most popular and profitable options.
Types of goods
All goods can be divided into three main types.

  1. Goods in constant demand. As the name suggests, these are goods that people buy all the time, regardless of seasons or trends. This type is good for beginners. Yes, and experienced sellers have most of their assortment made up of them. When working with such products, it is important to maintain the top positions of the product cards in the search engine. To do this, the card itself must be of high quality, with a good description, photos, proper SEO optimisation, competently set up promotion.
  2. Seasonal goods. Seasonal goods are goods whose demand is linked to a certain time of the year, events, holidays. For example, the New Year, the beginning of the school year, the beginning of the gardening season, the World Cup, etc. Work on promoting such products should be done in advance, so that the product cards on your site are already in high positions in the search engine at the beginning of the season. Otherwise, you run the risk of being late and not getting the level of profit you were hoping for.
  3. Trendy products. Their main difference from the first two types of goods is that demand for them rises and then falls sharply, regardless of the season and other factors. The goods are out of fashion - and that's it, nobody needs them anymore. Beginners should not get involved in such goods. The risk is high. They have a very short life cycle. It can literally be a few months. That is why it happens like this: novice sellers notice that there is an active sale of "spinners" somewhere, they buy a whole batch from China, and then it turns out that the demand has already started to decline. And there are many such clever sellers. All rushing to sell the same thing. In such a case, it is good if you manage to sell your goods at least for the price you paid for them and do not suffer any losses.
Product categories
In this part of the text we will not be talking about standard categories such as clothing, shoes, electrical goods, etc. We will divide goods according to their purpose.

Wow goods
First of all, we can talk about trendy goods. All unusual, surprising and interesting variations can be called wow goods. They are designed to arouse emotions in people. It is true that these goods often have no use in everyday life, they do not solve specific problems. But this is sometimes their advantage - they are bought because of the impression they make. The disadvantage is the high number of returns and the low redemption rate. A person who makes an emotional purchase has time to cool down while the product is in transit and decides not to buy it again.
Goods - solutions
These help people to deal with a specific problem. In particular, these are things that are used all the time in the home. For example, a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. Such goods can be year-round or seasonal. An example of a seasonal good is a heating system. In the cold season it is relevant, in the warm season - no one needs it.

In this category of goods - high competition among sellers. Before you start working in this niche, you should consider whether you have enough resources to promote products and fight with competitors. The advantage of products in this category is that they are always relevant. When a product wears out or breaks down, people buy a new one. Customers are much more likely to part with their money if the product is useful.
Solution goods + Wow goods
These goods are original and surprising, but they also solve a competitive problem and can be used in everyday life. For example, magnetic brushes that clean both sides of windows at the same time. Robots that clean windows - at first it was a wow product. Now it is as commonplace as a robot vacuum cleaner.

The advantage of such products is that they combine the qualities of two categories. But again, you need to be careful. Make sure the product really does what it says it does. If not, you will end up with a lot of returns. You also run the risk of getting a lot of negative feedback about your online shop, which will damage its reputation.

Whether you are just starting out or scaling up, you may need help and advice. Which way to go, which products to choose, how to promote them - these and other questions can be answered by contacting the Selpway Trading team.
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