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What existed in the old system today needs to be combined and automated.
Databases, information on various media, reporting and communications over time are increasingly difficult to combine into one common software product. Increasingly, businesses are facing failures at various stages of implementation, data migration, or connection to a new software product. Selpway will help minimize these risks and successfully complete each of the stages based on its experience.
The accuracy of how data is embedded in your software directly affects your business, performance, and flexibility.
Only by adopting new approaches and using modern methods can you surpass competitors. Business process analytics and the construction of accurate forecasting models based on real data will allow you to achieve explosive results.
You can boost your production with our digital transformation programme in the dropshipping model.
In today's world, operating under old management models is becoming impossible, even if it used to work. Today, digital transformation, has become an integral part of the lifecycle of any business. You can't do without a set of technologies. A holistic approach to business management, resource management and strategy as a whole is required. The Selpway Trading ltd programme has become a one-stop solution for the complete digital transformation of any business.


Dropshipping is a relatively new, but already gaining popularity, direction in world trade. The popularity of this business model is confirmed by the stable growth of the direct supply market. One of the main benefits of the dropshipping job is that you don't have to own an item to sell it. You do not need a warehouse for storage and thus you get rid of a number of costs associated with storing the goods. Another equally important advantage that emerges essentially from the first point is the low entry threshold. You don't have to carry a significant initial investment. It is enough to register a domain name for an online store, make a trading platform and pay for hosting services. You become a kind of intermediary in the sale of goods directly from the supplier. Here you can make sure that this is beneficial to the manufacturer and dropshipper. The algorithm is quite simple: the buyer orders goods from you and pays for them, you receive money, transfer money to the supplier by deducting his margin, the supplier ships goods directly to the client by drawing up the proper documents. Your earnings are the difference between your value of an item from a supplier and the value of the item for the end consumer who purchased the item from you on the site.
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