We take care of all phases of the business processes, from finding customers and presentations, to closing the deal. Automating your processes will help you get to the next level.
The format of dropshipping
To survive and grow your business in today's world, you need to use modern approaches and digital transformation to increase sales. Without automation, optimisation and quality order tracking, you won't be able to sell more products and your business won't be able to generate more revenue. The right marketing strategy and responsible suppliers are just a good foundation for growth.
Selpway Trading ltd is software which, by streamlining and merging all processes and data, enables you to take the quality and capabilities of your business to the next level. Digital tools enable you to search for information, find partners and customers for large batches of products. In addition to digital tools, Selpway specialists can negotiate on your behalf and conclude lucrative contracts with the highest service and profitability for your business. With Selpway, your business can go international in dropshipping, without overburdening your business with unnecessary processes.
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Selpway Trading ltd software allows you to minimise storage and transport costs, increase sales volumes, predict yields and calculate expected demand. The software allows you to receive and process information from technically incompatible devices. It is very important to enter the yield data and fill in the system correctly. Process simulation and integrated post-processing make it possible to simplify, plan yields and optimise land use parameters. In order to achieve this, data is entered regarding previous years' yields in the context of grain crops and oilseeds, tillage and harvesting patterns, and weather conditions. When data is edited, the software allows all figures to be automatically recalculated. An additional module that collects information about soil conditions and the amount and type of fertiliser. All the information (crops, suppliers, sales) is automatically collected in a common database for storage and processing. Additionally, some information is stored in the cloud.
Automated systems and their ability to process large volumes of data quickly, allow agribusinesses to optimise many processes and increase profits. Farmers and that, who involved in the wholesale trade of sunflower oil, grain and everything related to the agricultural industry have the opportunity to reach a new level of their development. In the digital transformation of agribusiness, the most important tools will be those that automate and predict business processes.
Based on regularly updated data, Selpway Trading ltd builds analytical reports which allow you to identify the right crop types for sowing, predict yields, properly select fertiliser types and harvest times for grains and oilseeds, and determine the most appropriate planting methods. For clarity and ease of understanding, there are reports in the form of dashboards, clear graphs and charts to help you track trends. Using available and verified sources, data on precipitation, soil moisture and other factors that influence yield are downloaded.
There are many specific modules built into the programme which allow you to assess the current and desired condition of the equipment and the machinery you are operating, to bring all the information together and to analyse it. There is also an option to synchronise all activities from repair to logistics for planning and forecasting.
Companies with complex and fragmented systems for repair, commissioning and maintenance can take advantage of Selpway's unified data handling system. They can also migrate to a cloud-based version. Working in a single information space means operating costs can be calculated precisely. And a number of additional parameters are taken into account: market and wholesale prices, delivery logistics, supplier availability. The information is continually updated and takes into account seasonality and country of manufacture. Analyzing current prices for maintenance of equipment and repair history, Selpway allows you to track the status of equipment using built-in analytics, convenient reports and clear dashboards.
The program builds analytics of new requests, analyzes the maintenance history of equipment and compares its current status to equipment with similar parameters and technical characteristics. A properly implemented CRM system inevitably increases profits. In addition to the standard customer service, you have access to a powerful analytics engine and can personalise reports. Online metrics display allows you to react quickly to any unwanted changes in your business.
Preventive maintenance can be assured by connecting a data collection module with additional real-time data collection sensors. The demand for spare parts is irregular and highly seasonal. When calculating, Selpway adds additional dynamic factors to your machine utilisation and calculates your spare parts requirements. You receive reports online on your dashboard, taking into account additional manufacturer discounts and sales, logistics and other important aspects. With Selpway, you're always aware of when and what's best to buy.
Selpway Trading ltd has the tools to raise the level of companies in the field of equipment. In the field of equipment, it is especially profitable to work in the dropshipping format. You don't have to spend money on warehouses and staff to store and transport bulky equipment. Your organization can focus all its assets on sales and marketing. Selpway's approach will help you optimize your sales chain and make additional savings, and therefore earn money at each stage. Productive cooperation and our experience will allow your projects to be effective and avoid many risks. Using all the available tools offered by Selpway, you can quickly get ahead of the competition.
One of the most relevant areas is electronics. Technologies are rapidly moving forward, people are constantly updating their devices for a variety of reasons. More and more new manufacturers appear on the market, which pushes the competition and development of the whole sphere forward. Selpway Trading ltd knows this market well and will help to build effective cooperation with suppliers and buyers. Our specialists will help to establish sales chains that will allow you to bypass most of your competitors. We keep our finger on the pulse and are always aware of new products, this will allow you to create a unique offer for customers. Devices, gadgets, computer equipment, household goods, and many other products increase the income of our customers. You can join our customers and get a number of advantages over competitors.
Selpway for textiles
Selpway Trading ltd has established itself as a strong, leading solution for automating and optimising tasks and business operations in textile sales. The software is used for market research, demand forecasting and optimising warehouse operations.
Its unified accounting system, database and CRM system help maintain customer loyalty, forecast sales and take seasonality into account.
Selpway provides clear analytics, saves time and effort for implementers and lowers costs for businesses. Thanks to the components integrated in the programme, you can now calculate unique item positions and create individual shipments. You can optimise the entire supply chain and reduce your inventory costs. Automated batch, trend and stock data, Selpway can generate orders for personalised clothing on demand (AOD) production by itself. The software reduces and optimises the entire work process. From forecasting and ordering from the customer, to simplifying the logistics chain and ordering in production. As a bonus, you get all calculations and automatic ordering and factory search for the manufacturer. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily search for similar orders, edit, combine, analyse and connect an unlimited number of customers, producers and warehouses.
Special modules allow you to quickly find goods of interest, manage prices, add data to modifications, discounts and monitor inventory.
Selpway helps you consolidate disparate data into a single, overall system, improve efficiency, ensure explosive growth in sales and, most importantly, increase your company's revenue.
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