Features of sales in social networks

Business is where people are. Real and virtual. Websites, platforms, online stores are offering their goods and services at a breakneck pace. After the Internet entered every home with its unlimited possibilities, the online world has become a place of transactions and sales.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Wechat, Reddit... Social media is now a part of our lives, a time killer, entertainment and a colorful showcase. Online merchants, dropshippers and any seller promote their products, create videos, promote reviews. Customer attention has become the currency and the metric. The foundation of successful social media selling is the ability to manage attention.
Target Audience
Before you start promoting your business on social media, you need to clearly define your target audience. Do this as early as possible. Who is your customer? What motivates them? What does he or she like? What does he or she hate? What product of yours might they be interested in? What resources do they spend the most time on, what posts do they like, what stories do they watch? Social networks allow you to quickly build a customer base through relevant content and search engine optimization.
Social media choices
Research different social platforms and find out where your target audience is most active and which social network they prefer. Focus on the platforms where your potential customers are likely to be.

Use CustDev (Customer Development), which is the process of actively communicating with customers to understand their problems, needs and preferences. Conduct research, surveys, and interviews with your target audience. Do whatever it takes to get feedback that will help you optimize your social media sales.

Analyze your competitors' accounts
Study the social media accounts of your competitors. Analyze their strategies, content types, audience engagement and success stories. Use interesting ideas, get inspired, take the best and change your own sales strategy if necessary. If a competitor has more subscribers and better engagement, try to understand what makes their strategy different.

Content Plan
Develop a content plan. Determine topics, formats, and frequency of posts. Consider the interests and needs of your audience to create relevant content that attracts and retains attention. Publish what your audience cares about. Visual content plays an important role in social media sales. Approximately 20% of sales conversions are driven by video.

Tailor your content to the formats and limitations of the social network. For example, on Instagram you can use short descriptions and hashtags, while on Facebook you can post long text and links to your website. Storytelling, also known as storysailing, works well. Stories sell the best.
Customer Journey
Explore sales opportunities across social networks and map the customer journey from first contact to purchase. Keep in mind that social networks were created for communication, so you need to develop a strategy that will capture and hold users' attention without turning their experience into a one-way sales channel. Your product is secondary to them. Selling through social media correspondence works best.

Be sure to answer questions in the comments, don't skip posts, and maintain feedback from your audience. Be proactive in your communication, answer questions, solve problems. Try to make the process of communication and collaboration as convenient and friendly as possible. Don't forget to pay attention to detail. Customer retention depends on a positive customer experience. Engage users with user-generated content. Publish photos, testimonials, and customer stories.

Analyze and optimize the results
Selpway Trading ltd's digital tool allows you to evaluate the overall and intermediate results of promoting products and services in social networks by analyzing such metrics as: view rates, clicks, conversions and sales volume. With the help of this data, sales strategies can be optimized. Analytics provided by Selpway Trading Ltd helps to identify successful approaches and weaknesses.
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