43% of people around the world follow advice from influencers

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YouGov conducted a survey of social consumers. The results showed that food creators are the most popular. More than two-fifths of adults around the world follow and follow influencers on social media.
According to adults, the percentage of subscriptions to influencers differs in different countries. India 71%, Indonesia 73%, United Arab Emirates 75%. However, there are countries with less than a third of adults who subscribe to opinion leaders. France 30%, the US 29%, Denmark 27%, Germany 25% and the UK 22%. Globally, the rate has taken hold at 43% of adults who say they subscribe to influencers.
Almost a fifth (16%) of adults around the world are subscribed to the most popular food influencers. Following the leader of opinions in the field of food products is the field of health and celebrity (both 12%).
In different demographic groups, trends are different. Among men between the ages of 18 and 34, the most popular type is gaming influencers, about 23% of subscribers.
At this time, US teenagers have the most popular direction of music, 38% of subscribers.
Influencer marketing has been expanding in recent years. In 2022, more investment growth is expected, which we have been watching since the beginning of the year. First of all, the audience is interested in unique content, they are not interested in the commercial approach and advertising. Small bloggers can be successful as they can offer a lot of product knowledge and more personalised product presentation. To succeed, brands must have a clear consistency of action with the creator.
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