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Digital management for your business
Digital transformation of the enterprise has become a necessary and indispensable step in the life cycle of every business. Without it, it is impossible to operate successfully in highly competitive markets.
Selpway Trading ltd is an expert in dropshipping with cutting-edge technology for collaboration. Modern digital technology enables you to find buyers for your niche. Accumulated experience enables us to provide full support in negotiations at various levels.
Presentations, implementation of modern digital technologies and much more become available for our clients.
We can act as an intermediary to close the deal. You can also count on us for market research, data-driven analytics and reporting, reputation checking, negotiating a purchase and ensuring your financial transactions are optimised, or request a bespoke set of services. Our approach is truly unique and bespoke.
We do this by using digital tools in sourcing, marketing, sales and negotiations.
By registering for the 'individual tariff' programme, you gain access to state-of-the-art digital tools to sell your products on a large scale. Apply now and discover a world of opportunities today.
Selpway Trading ltd makes it fairly easy to understand how a sale is going to happen throughout the entire chain, from start to finish. It doesn't matter if it's a new business or an existing one. The software is adaptable and allows you to edit, add or delete properties and transaction steps directly on the fly in an active card without the help of IT specialists. Most of the data is filled in automatically and the user does not have to enter everything manually every time.
The software prioritises tasks and optimises the entire sales process. When data is updated, Selpway immediately recalculates, checks and updates the order plan, stock availability, calculates possible additional costs and selects the right product. The variables include everything from current inventory and supplier information, to chain-of-sale logistics and dynamic margin ratios. With the correct setup and correct initial filling of the system, it will be possible to calculate expected demand based on sales history.
With dashboards and built-in analytics, Selpway measures the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns. It's possible to calculate demand for new, old or additional product categories and analyse product data in your chosen market.
Using specific evaluation criteria, it's now possible to analyse your competitive environment. The complete customer lifecycle is displayed and tracked to the stage of a regular customer, regardless of whether the person logged in as an anonymous customer or provided all their details straight away. The cloud-based version of the software extends the ability to work with data on transactions taking place on global markets. You can get information about the future of the counterparty, whether his business is legitimate, whether the goods are in stock, how competitive his prices are, whether he provides guarantees and certificates.
Data is exported via SQL queries and imported using bidirectional connections.
Selpway Trading ltd allows you to make fairly accurate forecasts and plans, as forecasts are based on statistics, sales history, information about shortages of certain goods, upcoming promotions and other dynamic data. Selpway generates revenue and demand plans. All forecasts can be manually changed using various methods.
By selecting cycle parameters for each commodity and adjusting the chosen strategy, planning processes can be managed with defined parameters. The planning processes are controlled by the strategy selected in the software with the set order cycle parameters for each commodity. If the user edits stock, sales or supplier data, Selpway - instantly provides new recommendations for possible transactions by recalculating all data in the system.
Selpway Trading ltd has established itself as a strong, leading solution for automating and optimising tasks and business operations in textile sales. The software is used for market research, demand forecasting and optimising warehouse operations.
Its unified accounting system, database and CRM system help maintain customer loyalty, forecast sales and take seasonality into account.
Selpway provides clear analytics, saves time and effort for implementers and lowers costs for businesses. Thanks to the components integrated in the programme, you can now calculate unique item positions and create individual shipments. You can optimise the entire supply chain and reduce your inventory costs. Automated batch, trend and stock data, Selpway can generate orders for personalised clothing on demand (AOD) production by itself. The software reduces and optimises the entire work process. From forecasting and ordering from the customer, to simplifying the logistics chain and ordering in production. As a bonus, you get all calculations and automatic ordering and factory search for the manufacturer. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily search for similar orders, edit, combine, analyse and connect an unlimited number of customers, producers and warehouses.
Special modules allow you to quickly find goods of interest, manage prices, add data to modifications, discounts and monitor inventory.
Selpway helps you consolidate disparate data into a single, overall system, improve efficiency, ensure explosive growth in sales and, most importantly, increase your company's revenue.
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