Ericsson ConsumerLab presented its version of the 10 consumer trends of 2030

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The eleventh annual report by The 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2030 - The Everyspace Plaza of Ericsson's ConsumerLab research unit focused on ten trends that will gain popularity by 2030.
The report also included data on the future of shopping. The popularity of shopping will be those stores that will be based on a combination of technologies using a network of objects in the physical world. This hybrid space has become multifunctional and is called Everyspace Plaza.
The study involved digital assistants and users who use augmented world technologies (AR and VR). Participants were taken by chance from 14 megacities of the world.
For the assessment, 15 hybrid concepts were presented that use digital technology in the shopping center. We managed to achieve high indicators. 75% of participants expressed their opinion that all 15 concepts have the right to life in one form or another and can be implemented by 2030.
10 consumer trends in 2030:
01. Concerts with the effect of presence
Here the speech concerns actors and spectators. What emotions do you think such an experience can cause - horror or delight? 80% of respondents believe that modern technologies will make it possible to implement such an idea and give a feeling of the real presence of performing artists in concert halls, without their real presence.
02. Immersive plastic surgery
Plastic surgery is in increasing demand. It allows you to change or improve your appearance. The demand for such services is growing every year. 7 out of 10 respondents are counting on the appearance of salons that will make them more beautiful using volumetric modeling without the help of plastic surgeons.
03. Design factory
More than half of the people surveyed would like to buy things that are made from recycled old ones. Sustainability and a smaller planet-polluting footprint aren't just a popular destination. People are increasingly consciously approaching their lives and feeling responsible for their actions. Repair of things and the production of new ones based on recycled outdated items in accordance with the customer's requirements will be possible by 2030.
04. Virtual restaurants
Some people find virtual communication less tedious. More than half of the respondents would like to have dinner with family or friends in interesting restaurants in the world in a virtual format. This will allow you to partially feel the atmosphere of the institution, while staying at home.
05. Sports hybrids
Sports development is also reaching a new level. Mental health allows you to keep a good life tone. Many of the respondents are sure of this. About 70% of respondents expect the appearance of fitness centers whose training is aimed at promoting health. The same AR/VR technologies, which can be supplemented by many additional sensors, will help implement mind training and strengthen mental health.
06. Metatailors
Very soon, individual services from the physical world will appear in the metaverse. According to more than 70% of VR/AR users, tailor express services for you and your avatar will appear in shopping centers. 3D printing and robotic seamstresses will be able to create cheap custom clothes by customer standards.
07. Unreal Worlds and Traveling Through Them
Two-thirds of the respondents believe and await the possibility of exploring unrealistic worlds. This will be possible when using a VR helmet, supplying oxygen to it. This will create new sensations and make you feel in cosmic weightlessness.
08. Store availability
People want to try on and test things before they buy. Virtual reality should help you try on things and look at yourself in them, regardless of the time of day. All this will be possible without going to the shops right from home, standing in front of the mirror.
09. Multidisciplinary centers
We are used to quickly finding information of interest to us via the Internet. The modern service allows, depending on your needs, to correctly select goods online. Medecin centers should not be an exception. More than 75% of respondents expect a comprehensive examination of the body using artificial intelligence and be able to assess many health indicators in a few minutes.
10. Parks and Nature
Urban residents are quite tired of megacities and urban bustle. The saturation and pace of life often do not allow you to allocate enough time for simple walks. 44% of respondents would like to be able to walk through nature using virtual reality. The imagination of inventors and participants in the future will be able to allow communication with animals that do not necessarily have to be limited to already known species. This experience will allow users to feel close to nature.
If it is possible to implement new VR/AR technologies and additional sensors quite budget, and the software will allow people to get new experience and sensations, then all ideas can really be embodied by 2030. 35% of respondents believe that technology will be very expensive. Because of this, they will not be so affordable. But malls will have more access to next-generation technology than people from home. Shopping centers with bowling alleys, movie halls and various entertainment have long focused on new technologies. 32% of those surveyed are ready to reconsider the idea of ​ ​ moving to the suburbs if shopping using modern technologies saves them from the need for classic shopping and only 13% disagree with this idea.
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